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Expedition: WA8 Coastal Cruise - Broome to Exmouth edit

Location: Broome

November 08, 2020 at 8:00am (8 days)

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WA Coastal Cruise from Broome to Exmouth (8 Days)

Western Australia’s Coast line offers some of the world’s last great wilderness areas. It is difficult to access and has fewer people per square kilometer than almost any other place on Earth.

Almost every island on the WA coast is surrounded by a fringing reef, rich in marine life. Aboard our vessel you will have the chance to explore many untouched parts of our Australian Coast. Departing Broome this amazing cruise takes in the pristine Rowley Shoals, the beautiful Montebello Islands, Mackerel Islands and Serrurier Island – otherwise know as Long Island. As well as island hopping for guests to enjoy some Fishing, Snorkelling, Diving or Beach Walks.